But nothing is done yet in this modernfairy tale.

But nothing is done yet in this modernfairy tale. She betrayed him at the age of 11 with his best friend, he found out from the pocket of her jacket, that they hadswapped, they used to swap everything, except for her … except for her. He read: “I wish my first time with you … help me.”

He died inside, fragmented into a thousand pieces. There was something about that girl that could not be explained in words or feelings.

Love became for him a universal fact, strategy of the heart, adventure subdued by the knowledge of unconsciousness. As soon as he realized a relationship that could limit him, he fled. But old  love always tries again , they had to calm down and die in peace and live in peace in the afterlife, it would be somewhat different from them, dry rain on the hands. They met in the library, she was shy, she had never forgotten him, she approached him, he dragged her behind a tent, they could sense the strong pungent smell of must, but it was not October.

Strange, they did not like wine, they inebriated but not in a ruby red, but affairs……affairs of an old world … that reemerged, evanescent, pure ….. yellow like the sun, silvery like the moon. He tried with her, he could not, they cried, they dissolved in  salt, into a lover’s vortex, their sad souls that looked on.

They had, had to conclude, but not like them, secretly, a new life had to be born. This was their purpose, before God, before men. In his soul this was not possible, he had to marry a pure woman like his mom, to live to procreate, and have a secret , complicated life full of passions and futile loves.

The reincarnated soul of his great-grandfather with him name, who was the countess’ lover, the great-grandmother of his current lover.
His great-grandfather knew, knew he was not his legitimate son, he found out as a child, he was different from his brothers, a bit farmer, with strong hands only they have. His father had never forgiven him for marrying a working-class, he left him in a family farm to take care of  his brothers’ property.

His mother confessed it to him on her deathbed, she asked him to be forgiven, he forgave her, how could he not .
She, always restless, does not know love, does not know his story. Today is like  yesterday, loves creates affairs, but she, unaware, does not know that they’re there to observe her until  destiny is fulfilled.

Feline intuition, his mother , like the ancestor of Donna ”Carmina”, delivered babies at home, healed with herbs and raised her children, gift of clairvoyance, but thank goodness these gifts cannot be used for personal purposes, thank goodness otherwise she would have discovered her husband’s affair with the Countess.

Seventh child, Donna Carmina, the sevenths have supernatural abilities, his mother was born at seven months, with the same features in a modern way.
But she knows … she is the only one who knows that history must be done…..feels, tries to describe … but limps…… her life is full.

She chose the place where she now lives with her many children she felt attracted to the land of her lover andits affairs… she had to help  fulfill destiny.