Grovigli – Grappa Barriques

Name: Grovigli (which means Tangles)

Denomination: Grappa D.O.C.

Grape: Obtained by grapes of Aglianico Doc, Greco di Tufo Docg and Fiano di Avellino Docg

Soil composition: Clay-calcareous.

Distillation: The distillation is carried out in under vacuum discontinuous alembic that allows to have a lower distillation temperature, and therefore more fragrant sensations in the distillate.

Ageing: 12 months in French oak barriques

Alcohol: 40%vol

Bouquet: intense aroma with notes of white flowers and exotic fruits

Palate: intense, direct, with significant fresh sensations

Serving temperature: room temperature

Food Pairings: Perfect for after a meal

“Release yourself, detest me, this love has no sense… Hate me more and more. I am not able to love, I know nothing about feelings. Realize that! Try to feel it in this hot, pungent and burning must smell. Get away from me in order that my indifference would not weak you in an instant. I do not mind thorns on my body, you could not placate my suffering…I feel your roots burst into the earth digging unlimited furrows…tangles”