Grovigli – Grappa

Name: Grovigli (which means Tangles)

Denomination: Grappa D.O.C.

Grape: Obtained by grapes of Aglianico Doc, Greco di Tufo Docg and Fiano di Avellino Docg

Soil composition: Clay-calcareous.

Distillation: The distillation takes place in alembics using the traditional “discontinuous bain-marie” system

Alcohol: 40%vol

Bouquet: intense aroma with notes of white flowers and exotic fruits

Palate: intense, direct, with significant fresh sensations

Serving temperature: room temperature

Food Pairings: Perfect for after a meal

Soft and deep is the sound of my voice. Please, do not deceive yourself with that voice, do not get close to me now … My spirit would reach your heart soon. Now, do not forgive me, run away from me but let live your love thoughts as that endless night. The eternity lives in a real feeling that always upsets, burns, confuse lovers. I feel your roots burst into the earth digging unlimited furrows…blot me out…tangles”