Vortici – Fiano Frizzante di Avellino

Name: Vortici (which means Vortices)

Denomination: Campania I.G.P. sparkling wine Fiano

Grape: (white grapes) 100% Fiano di Avellino

Soil composition: Clay-calcareous.

Training system: Shoulder with guyot pruning system.

Period of harvest: Second half of October

Fermentation: refermentation process in autoclave using the Charmat method

Alcohol: 13,5%vol

Color: golden yellow color with fine perlage

Palate: hints of toasted nuts

Serving temperature: 6°-8°

Food Pairings: pairs with salmon, buffalo mozzarella

“I feel your breath on me and into your clumsy moves …  a bustle of persistent and hanging thoughts is sinking my skin … I want hide away from myself … my silent breath is inflamed by bubbles . How can I hide from deranged and persistent emotions? An illusion’s vortex … Kidnapped by your twisted person, I try to find some handholds to avoid this agony, digging unreal notes only to get you …Vortices..”