Millenodi – Passito di Fiano di Avellino

Name: Millenodi (which means Thousand knots)

Denomination: Passito di Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G Barrique

Grape: (white grapes) 100% Fiano di Avellino

Soil composition: Clay-calcareous.

Production area: Our own vineyards in Montefalcione

Training system: Shoulder with guyot pruning system.

Period of harvest: Beginning of December

Process: The late harvest of the grapes takes place in December, Fermentation and aging in acacia barrels for 18 months.

Alcohol: 16%vol

Color: golden yellow

Bouquet: scents of dried fruit, apricot and acacia honey

Palate: Delicate sweetness and good acidity, supported by delicious notes of dried apricot and almonds

Serving temperature: 14°

Food Pairings: Particularly fine with cheese and desserts.

I kept on throwing away letters addressed to you while I observe your extreme fight against the destiny… I know that your love for me was your only feeding food. Thousands of wrinkles as thousands of knots appeared on your forehead. But you darling, kept in my own hand, even if for long time, have only to wait the moment in which those knots would be untied..”